I love you, not only for what you are, But for what I am when I am with you

I love you, not only for what you are, But for what I am when I am with you

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Letter

We are not good at sending letters and so once again we have failed so we will put it on our blog.
This year has been eventful in many ways and not always in a good way. Some things have been tough, we went through a stressful time of not knowing if Treven would still have a job or not, thankfully it blew over but not without some sadness as Treven had to watch several good friends get laid off in the process. My car was hit by a large SUV but luckily as bad as the damage was I was not seriously hurt but still deal with some issues. I try not to look in my rear view mirror when I am at a stop because I have had full blown panic attacks anytime I feel a car is coming too fast. I watched the driver who hit me come at speeds greater than 50 mph as I helplessly was at a stop light behind other cars. The impact was horrible and an experience that left me shaking so bad I couldn't talk or function, Treven had to come to the scene because I couldn't function.
We have also had some great experiences that balance out the not fun ones. Treven in May completed his first full marathon in a great time of 4 hours and 15 minutes, I could not have been more proud of him as he smiled ear to ear at the finish line. A few short weeks later I completed a sprint tri-athlon that was so empowering I felt on top of the world. In October both of us along with my parents and my friend Jodi did the Moab half marathon. I think both Treven and I have started down the path of race junkies as we hope to do several more in the upcoming year.
We have been able to go and visit friends and family through the year. I think we both really enjoyed our trip to Idaho. I loved visiting my friend in Twin Falls so see her ADORABLE twin boys. Then off to Payette to see friends and go white water rafting on the salmon river.
We were able to see the phantom of the opera, Treven had never seen a broadway show and he really enjoyed it.
I was asked to teach Primary singing time and was scared to death at first. But it quickly became a calling I really liked and miss sometimes now that I am not longer doing it.

We have had a great year overall and through these experiences we have grown so much closer as a couple. As we went through one of our toughest trials when a family member of Treven's disappeared for a time and left behind a note and his possessions. During this time we learned truly of the power of prayer as we said many. I learned that sometimes prayers are not answered right away but we are not left alone. As we searched and the days rolled by it became increasingly frustrating that we were not getting any inspiration of where to look. Eventually after a week this family member returned home and it has changed his life and ours as well. As the months have past and I have often thought about this I wondered why no one felt anything of where to look or even if the person was still alive.
As I talked with a friend she gave powerful insight that I feel is the reason. She said if our prayers would have been answered right away and he would have been found then our prayers would have been answered, but what about this family member? What would it have done to him, he would not have had his experience he needed. He needed to know if he wanted to be apart of this life and of this family. For years he has been distant and in his own world. Since he has come back he is a changed man for the better. Sometimes prayers are not answered in the time or way we want but it is not without reason. If we would have found him the first day or two maybe he would not have learned what he needed to learn. He had to come back because he wanted to, and he did. Our immediate prayers to find him were not answered, but the prayers people had been saying for years asking for him to have a change of heart were answered.

During the Christmas season we wanted to say how much we love God, his son Jesus, and our church. We are grateful for the trials that have been put before us this year, we are truly stronger because of it. We are very grateful for our families and friends. How blessed we are that God was so loving that he put Treven and I together, we have had 4 years of marriage and I can there was no one that would have been better. This year has taught us that we need to leave things in God's hands and know he has a plan for us and we are not left alone to fend for ourselves. We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and we love you all!

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